Gravity Storm Incoming

Over the past year, the usage and adoption of decentralized exchanges has grown at a staggering rate and rising gas fees have prompted a plethora of exchanges to pop up all over the place, luckily, there is an exciting new solution! The Cosmos Hub is about to adopt it’s own…

Two weeks ago, the community got the chance to have a one on one (community) with the CEO of Agoric, Dean Tribble on Reddit at the Community Interview. We learned alot about the Agoric team ethos, their novel developments, and why JavaScript in Cosmos is so exciting.


Dean Tribble has…

Two weeks ago we got the opportunity to get some insight straight from Jan Scheele, the CEO of BitCanna at the Reddit Community Interview on June 10. Bitcanna’s mainnet is set to launch very soon, and it will be a clever addition to the Cosmos Ecosystem.


The global cannabis industry…


Community Manager at Tendermint working for Cosmos

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